Support Afsar Jahan, a widow and mother of small children

Afsar Jahan, a widow and native of Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, lives with small children in a rented room. Her husband died two years before, and she is having difficulty raising her children. Her room rent is 3000 per month, and she has other expenses like tuition fees for children and daily expenses. She does stitching to raise the family of six but cannot meet the family’s needs despite doing all the hard work.
We try to support her on a quaterly basis, Kindly come forward to assist sister Afsar as much as you can.
Zakat/Sadaqah: Eligible


Appeal for Qurbani Donations

The first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah are the most sacred days of the year, deeply loved by Allah (SWT). During this blessed time, we can perform Qurbani, an act that brings immense rewards and benefits to those in need. Our dedicated team ensures that your […]


Support sister Mahjabeen in her financial crises


Mahjabeen, a native of New Delhi, is going through a financial crunch as her husband has been on dialysis for the past year. She has three small kids. There is no means of earning she has right now, because of which her house rent has also been pending for the past 5 months, and there is the issue with monthly grocery bills. So she required help with her house rent, groceries and her husband’s medicine expenses. 
This is a 100% verified case. Please come forward to assist sister Mehjabeen in her tough time. 
Zakat Eligible


Assist Hafiz Sahab in her daughter’s nikah

We reach out to you with hearts brimming with hope and a humble request. In our midst is a cherished member, Hafiz Sahib, whose devotion to the teachings of the Quran has touched many lives. Now, as his daughter’s nikah approaches on the 28th of April 2024, we have the opportunity to come together and support him during this momentous occasion.
Hafiz Sahib’s journey has been one of unwavering dedication, but life’s trials have recently cast a shadow upon his path. He lost his job at a local mosque just before the lockdown, a circumstance that has tested his resilience. Undeterred, he continues to impart the invaluable knowledge of the Quran to a handful of eager students, striving to make ends meet.
As Hafiz Sahib prepares to celebrate his daughter’s wedding, let us extend our hands in generosity to alleviate the burden of these basic expenses. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will be a beacon of hope for him and his family. Your kindness can help ensure that this joyous occasion is filled with blessings and devoid of worry.
🕌 Zakat Eligible: For those who are eligible to offer Zakat, this is an opportunity to fulfill this sacred obligation and bring joy to a fellow member of our community.
Let us embody the spirit of unity and compassion that defines us as a community. Together, we can turn this moment into a testament of our collective strength and generosity.
How You Can Help:
Financial Contributions: Your donation, no matter the amount, will make a meaningful difference.
Spread the Word: Share this appeal with friends, family, and within your networks to amplify our impact.
May this act of kindness resonate far beyond the confines of our community, touching hearts and inspiring others to lend a helping hand in times of need.
Thank you for your unwavering support and generosity.
With heartfelt gratitude,


In the Spirit of Ramadan, Extend a Helping Hand to Sajida and Tarique for Their Livelihood and Eid Celebration

1. Raising funds for sister Sajida, a widow who lives in rented accommodation in Jasola Vihar, New Delhi. She is a nurse who looks after sick and old people privately. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had a job and difficulty raising her kids for the last few months. Both the kids are school-going and underage to do any work. Apart from that, her house rent has also been pending for the last 3 months, which is 5k per month.
Target: 25K

2. We are also Raising funds for Mohd Tarique, a native of UP who lives in Delhi. He lost his job a few months back and had no means of earning money as his father was also sick back in the village. Father is on dialysis right now, and they have had no means of earning for the past few months. He is going through time; his house rent is also pending for the past 4 months, which is 4k per month.
Target: 22K
Assist both families and ease their problems so they can pass the last Ashra of Ramadan and celebrate the Eid ul Fitr Peacefully. ”



Sponser Iftar for Unpriviliged People Living in Remote Areas

Some of us can’t afford to host big iftar dinners, donate iftar to the local masjid, or feed a poor family for the month. That doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the rewards of providing iftar.
The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ‘(O people!) Save yourselves from the Fire even if it is with half a date; if you cannot find that, then (save yourselves by saying) a good word’. [Muslim]
If all we can give in charity is half a date, we should still give that. Regarding iftar, the Prophet (saw) encouraged his Companions (ra) to provide as much as they could, even if it was only a drink of water.
This Ramadan, you can double the reward of your fast for just 80 per day (providing one cooked iftar) – so don’t miss out! The most important thing is that you are sincere in seeking reward and forgiveness.


Gift a storage water cooler to the students of downtrodden background

Assist a school located in the Village of Khardouni, Meerut (UP), with a storage water cooler of 80 litres. The school operates under a small trust and aims to educate students from downtrodden backgrounds at a nominal operating fee. In the blessed month of Ramadan, come forward to give the gift of water to those students. It’s a form of Sadqa e Jariyah, which will benefit you in this world and hereafter. 


Assist Mohd Irfan to repay his small loan

Raising funds to repay the loan of Mohammad Irfan, a native of Hyderabad. He is a Rapido driver and earns hard for their family. Unfortunately, due to some medical emergency (his father was on dialysis, and his wife was also admitted to the hospital due to pregnancy), he took a loan from a local money lender on his bike, Bajaj discover on 3rd March 2024. He uses this bike in his daily rides, and since then, he has been unemployed as his bike is a mortgage with the money lender.


Ramadan kits Drive

Help us reach needy people this Ramadan.

We aim to distribute Ramadan grocery kits to needy families who cannot afford wholesome iftar. The disadvantaged people include the widows, orphans, single parents, and the people going through financial crunch. 

One Ramadan Kit will cost

1500 rupees around including: 

Wheat flour
Gram Flour
Roohafza/Tag etc